WELCOME TO my ”my followers are totally the best and they deserve this even though I’m ridiculously broke right now” - GIVEAWAAAAY

… and every word of this very catchy title is true.

This might be the giveaway with the most jacked up banner of all time, but ITS MADE WITH LOVE OKAY


  • Ends November 15th because I like that date
  • this should really reach like 50 notes or something, else we’re just gonna pretend it didn’t happen ok (please don’t embarass me)
  • Open to wherever Book Depository ships to, I’ll be sending the books through them (sorta international then I guess)
  • Reblog to enter, like for all I care, I don’t care how much you reblog just don’t annoy anyone
  • You should be following moi
  • HOWEVER, if you follow my brand new review blog on blogspot, you get an extra of 3 entries (say what)
  • There will be TWO winners, each of them gets TWO paperbacks or ONE hardcover but honestly don’t go too crazy on the price, how about we say not more than 15$ per book? Ok? Ok.
  • I don’t care what books you choose, it doesn’t have to be anything that’s on the banner, the ones there are just books that look pretty or that I liked
  • you should have your ask or something open, else I’m gonna have to announce you publicly, if you don’t reply within let’s say … 72 hours, I’ll choose a new winner
  • must be 18 or have parental consent
  • no giveaway blogs, thats not punk rock
  • message me if you have any kind of questions
  • may the odds be ever in your favour (or something)